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Amazon Kindle offers

Amazon Kindle is an e-reader handy series which is designed by Amazon. This permits the users to buy, browse and download their required e-book, magazines and newspapers along with various other digital media on the Kindle store, through their wireless networking system.

Amazon Kindle Offer

Various Amazon Kindle Offers

Amazon Kindle Starter pack:

Now, this is an interesting offer under which there are two variants. Kindle Wi-Fi and Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi starter pack.

Both come with a two-year accidental protection, a safety back cover and a flat 80% off on every purchase of an e-book, that too up to Rs. 2000. For an instance, if one wants to buy a book of worth Rs. 500, he/she will have to pay only Rs. 100, which means 5 books could be bought at the same price. Now, that makes it a cool offer.

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Kindle Daily Deals:

This is something best deal for the Kindle device users. As mentioned in the offer, there is a list of e-books that are available for Rs. 9 as well as some are free to download. This offer covers a wide variety of sci-fi, Ayurveda, motivational and many other genres of books. This is, indeed, a good offer for daily readers.

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Kindle OnePlus 6 Offer:

This is an amazing offer one can avail by purchasing a brand new OnePlus 6 handset from Amazon.in and they can redeem a wonderful offer i.e. paying only 6% for an e-book and get a maximum discount up to Rs. 500 INR.

This could be only redeemed by Kindle android app user, only once if they have not purchased any e-book yet. This offer is valid only up to December 31st, 2018.

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Kindle Hot Deals:

This section, on the website, contains three main categories. This is a major reader attracting offer. This is quite beneficial too.

As mentioned above, the three categories consist of the e-books ranging at Rs. 9, Rs. 49 and Rs. 99 respectively. This covers almost all the read by the users, making it available for everyone

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Kindle Monthly Deals:

This is similar to the, above mentioned Kindle Hot Deals, but it differs from it only in the context that, here various ranges are available from which the customer or user can choose depending on their taste of choice.

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The so-called range basically varies from under 50, between 50 to 99, 100 to 149, and 150 to 249 respectively.

This also consists of e-books that are available at very low cost for normal users and selected titles for almost free as the Kindle edition.

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Kindle offers on devices:

Not only on the e-books or other readable content, Kindle also provides a wide range of offers on the handy devices too.

They provide a special seasonal discount on their various products like Paperwhite, Oasis etc.

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Special Kindle offers on Paperwhite:

Kindle is giving out its Paperwhite model for a cool discount. This device is designed to provide the true reading experience with upgraded software and hardware. It has a battery standby that lasts weeks. They are selling out this product good discount, along with many more exciting offers on further ebook purchase.

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Why Kindle?

When asked people, which is their preferred e-book reading platform, 9 out of 10 people supported Kindle. There are many reasons for their support.

It is better than carrying many books, and easy to keep it less messy. The user can easily download the required content and keep in this handy device.

This also allows keeping the bookmarks and note of the important terms. Apart from these it also has an inbuilt dictionary, to get the meaning there itself.

This also allows to read the multiple books without missing them, moreover, they could be stored in the cloud and can be downloaded again and again. In short, one can carry a whole library in hand.

Kindle App

Amazon Kindle has also introduced its mobile application, supporting all the operating systems. Making it available for all the people, in this smart world. And people, in turn, expanding this chain of e-reading, after all having a same application in the mobile phone is better than having a separate device

Amazon has redefined the meaning of reading, and once again brought back the interest in the people for reading, let it be magazines or any other books.

To attract more and more people they give offers and discounts of e-books on the purchase of products from Amazon e-store.

Today, almost all the books and novels are available in Kindle, useful and available for everyone, from anywhere.

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