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Amazon Started in Car Deliveries in US, India to be next

Amazon has launched its free in car delivery for selected vehicles in US. The service is now limited to 37 cities right now but company is expanding its delivery locations. This will be for the Amazon prime members who own General Motors or Volvo cars.

Last year Amazon has launched its Amazon Key app. This app let the amazon delivery person to unlock the locked door connected with wifi so that they can put the delivered package to the destination home when no one is at home.Car Delieveries

This in car free delivery model is accessible for the cars those are parked in public areas or public parking. Amazon is not going to deliver in public parking. Packages will be put inside the Vehicles trunk or out of plane of sight.

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For this person has to install the amazon key app to link their car. On the day of delivery customer has to confirm through key app that their car is parked in publicly accessible areas.

App will notify about 4 hours before the delivery that package is about to deliver. It will also notify that your package has been delivered. Customer can track that when their car was unlocked through the app.

The company is going to extend the vehicles as well as the location to this model working. Also this may be feature in India too.

Company is very forcefully working to create the large market share of ecommerce in India under it. Recently has launched its voice controlled Echo models in the county. Indian consumers are starting accepting it as trusted online site.

Amazon with its Great Indian sale and other offers has also created a competitive atmosphere with Flipkart in India.

If they bring this model in India too then they will be have an edge over its competitors as no one offers such kind of delivery model.

Let see how and when Amazon will bring this model to India.

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