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Brij Kardam said Easy, Quick and Hassle Free Apps

My association with Amazon India website has now been for around past four years. It was my first order at Amazon when I purchased my Panasonic Eluga A phone through it. At that time, there used to be a website called junglee.com where we could see and compare the rates of any specific product at all the websites where it was available.

When I searched for the Panasonic Eluga A phone on junglee.com, I came up with the fact that Amazon was offering it at the least price amongst all those selling that phone. Even it was not charging any shipping cost for delivering this phone. The difference between the price of Amazon and some other nearby price (offered by Shopclues) was around INR 600.

I placed my order and got my phone delivered at my home in only two days. I was overwhelmed and started using Amazon for almost all my next online purchases. So far I have purchased lots of t-shirts, jeans, shoes, and other products from Amazon for me and my family members. Where at times in between I felt like getting conned by Shopclues and E-bay, with fake products, I have always found those genuine with Amazon.

My overall experience with Amazon has been fabulous, with only one minor exception in a recent incident. I purchased around eight garment products with Amazon during the recent Amazon Republic Day Sale 2018. I placed order on January 21, 2018, and received all of those from next two to four days.

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Among those, my wife didn’t like the fitting of one of the product ‘Puma Men’s Wool Sweater (4055263492556_83589302_Medium_Periscope)’ on me. It’s MRP was around INR 3,300, and I got it for INR 1,484 through the heavy discount during the Amazon sale. While I was trying to return it, I was not getting an option to get it picked from my home address at Ghaziabad.

It was only displaying an option for me to send it to the seller by myself, for which I was supposed to get a cashback of INR 100 as the courier charges. Since I didn’t want to get into such hurdles of visiting a courier center, pasting printout of the sender’s address of the packet, and all, so I called the Amazon customer care and explained them the issue.

I was a little relaxed when the customer care lady assured me that the product would be picked from my office location. She raised a quest on my behalf for picking the product from my office. However, nobody came to pick it on the due date. I called the customer care again, and they provided me with another date again.

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Repeatedly, no one came on the next due date again. I was not too much worried because of the Amazon’s clause through which we could return the product by up to 30 days of delivery. Still, I wrote my issue to through an escalation e-mail to Amazon. The very next day, I received this reply from the Amazon customer care:

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Your Account: Amazon.in
Message From Customer Service

Hello Brij,
I’m sorry that the pickup of the  Puma Men’s Wool Sweater (4055263492556_83589302_Medium_Periscope) has not been completed yet.

I see that Amazon Transportation Services is the courier assigned to pick up the package. I’ve forwarded your feedback about Amazon Transportation Service to our shipping department. We’re aware that our choice of delivery services reflects on our business as a whole.

In order to help you, I’ve made an exception to our standard policy and requested a refund of Rs. 1,484.00 to your MasterCard.

The refund will be credited to your bank account within 2-4 business days (Except Saturday, Sunday and Bank holidays are not considered as business days).

You can see your refund requests here –


You’ll also receive an automated email from us with refund reference number once the refund is successfully transferred.

Please be assured that we are here to make things easier for you and prevent you from bearing any loss.
Thank you for your understanding and patience while we’re working on this. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

We appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

Warmest regards,

In summary, I got my amount credited back to my credit card. Additionally, the product is still with me only. They didn’t even bother to pick it back. Hats off to Amazon!

What other People Said:

Kshitij Rawat Shared his Experience on Amazon Website and App

Kshitij Rawat said “Amazon is one of the biggest E-commerce websites”, and if definitely shows. The Website and the Android App are both neatly arranged, with products accurately defined and arranged for the best surfing and window shopping experience. I shall be talking about my personal experiences and all the products that I have ordered to date. (more…)

Jainab Alvi Found Effective Customer Service Team of Amazon

I have been using Amazon for quite some time now. I have ordered products from Amazon not only in India but also in USA. I Jainab Alvi had a wonderful experience shopping from Amazon so far, ordered some protein shakes in USA and they came along with a complementary gift. Even in India, I have purchased many items like mobile, t-shirts, and footwear from Amazon and everything was flawless. It is undoubtedly one of the most amazing e–commerce websites and especially Amazon app is absolutely fabulous. The wide variety of products that are available on their website be it clothes, or electronic gadgets or healthcare products the site makes you fall in love with the variety of products it offers. Also, an amazing fact about Amazon is that there are so many offers and deals available always and specially “today deals” which is a great factor for budget-friendly people like me. The items are always delivered on time and provided by reliable sellers. Apart from a speedy delivery system, Amazon also has an awesome customer services team. From my personal experiences, I have had one instance where I had ordered a power bank from MI brand and I received a damaged piece from Amazon and the customer service team dealt with it very efficiently. They refunded the entire amount back in my account without even collecting back the damaged piece. And they constantly remained in touch with me until the entire refund process got over.

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I was always apprehensive about online shopping, but with apps like Amazon you would totally fall in love with the concept of online shopping. It is so easy and convenient and also pocket friendly with the amazing deals and offers they provide. I always wait for THE AMAZON GREAT INDIAN SALE which offers amazing discounts especially on electronic gadgets like laptops and mobiles. Not just the sale and discounts, Amazon always provides great offers and cashback on credit and debit cards also. They also accept Bajaj Fiserv cards which operate on no cost emi schemes. These cashbacks act as savings and we get tempted to save and buy later from these Amazon credits. There are some good quizzes also from time to time which are offered on Amazon app and I love playing them for which they announce winners through lucky draw later.

I am also a member of Amazon prime which is another exciting feature of Amazon. At a mere price of just Rs 499 per year, we get access to so many movies, videos and TV shows, it keeps one glued to the laptop screens and is awesome. Also, as an Amazon prime user we get free shipping and 2 day delivery which is so wonderful. We can also rent e-books for free in kindle as an Amazon prime member. And there are some discounts which are available exclusively for Amazon prime members which are again like an icing on the cake.

Overall, I would say I am very happy and contended with the product offerings and my online shopping experience with Amazon until now, and I wish Amazon keeps amazing me even in the future. I would definitely recommend everyone to try this site and the app as it is worth it.

Tisman Kaur’s First Choice is Amazon for Shopping

Amazon is one of the leading online market place in the world. Over last few years, it has been able to take place in the Indian Market who were accustomed to trusting Flipkart, snapdeal and their other Indian counterparts for everything.I Tisman Kaur preferably use Amazon Offers for shopping, it’s my first choice above all the other shopping websites.

With its user-friendly interface, quality product, timely delivery, and good-nature customer service have made their loyal customer as well.

Living away from home in a strange city, that is still new to me and being a shopaholic I find it very hard to navigate through its streets and marketplaces. My first reflex when it comes to buying anything is to buy it online and get it delivered to my place.

I have tried almost every online marketplace available in India and till date, no companies/websites/apps has come even close to the shopping experience Amazon Coupons provides.

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Quality of Product

With its range of quality products, I don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the product I am buying. The unique feature of Amazon’s Choice makes it easier for me to look at the product in every department.

Genuine Reviews

Amazon takes an extra lap in making out shopping experience better by gathering genuine reviews and rating their products. The reviews are very helpful and a great way of judging any product.

The reviews come from the people who have already bought the product from the merchant through Customer Reviews on Amazon and are using it. So it’s a good advantage while buying anything from the race website.

Price & Offers available for the Product

And not just the quality, price of each and everything is lower compared to the price of the same product at other websites. When I started online shopping, it was too tedious for me to juggle through so many apps to find the best deals. Now I know where I am going to find the best offer.

Timely Delivery

The delivery of Amazon is really amazing. Depending on the location of merchant and buyer, the website shows the probable delivery date.

Every time I have bought something from the website, the product has been delivered with the window given by the website.

And to top it all off, the website has also launched its prime membership feature. In this, you get to enjoy a year-long service of its new online video streaming app, amazon prime video. You can also shorten your delivery window to the very next day.

Products Returns

There are a lot of companies out there that treat their customer well till the product is sold and forget them after. But unlike other websites, Amazon has a very hospitable post-sale customer service where executives listen to your problems and try their best to solve it out for you.

If the product does not meet the description, and you are not satisfied with it, you can always return the product within 30 days of receiving it.

Overall, the experience of online shopping at Amazon has been wonderful for me. And not just to me, Amazon is the first choice of my mom who used to be very picky when it came to buying anything from the internet.

After having few bad experiences with online shopping at other websites, she totally dropped the idea of buying anything online.

Last year at Diwali, I bought her a Cotton kurta from Amazon Festive Offers at which I got a good deal. She could not believe the quality of product at such a cheap rate.

Amazon has surely made my life easier and free of all the hassle and bargaining pitches I used to do while shopping offline. You should try Amazon too. GO AMAZON

Neha Channa Frequently Uses Amazon Offers to Shop on Amazon

The Internet has made it easier for masses to shop at their convenience. Being a shopping savvy myself I Neha Channa decided to check my luck online. Being a self-proclaimed bibliophile, I was frantically searching for few academic books and fictions which were not available in any nearby bookstores. Searching through different websites, I stumbled upon Amazon Offers where the same book was available at a much cheaper rate. To put across my first online shopping experience started through Amazon, which turned into a routine from where I began to do most of my purchases.

My experience with Amazon has been both positive as well as negative.

Until now I have purchased a variety of books both fiction as well as non-fiction and have been extremely happy with their services. Satisfied with the service, I decided to purchase apparels too from Amazon which turned out to be a disappointment.

A year ago, I had ordered a Zara leather jacket using Amazon Sale & Offers for Women Only. The product I received was exactly the way I had contemplated. The services were prompt. The delivery was delayed by a day but the jacket was a perfect fit according to the measurements given.

Happy with the purchase, I went on to order for more apparels through the site. But the product I received during the second order was a complete disappointment. The dress that I had ordered was nothing like what was displayed in the product image as well as the size of the dress much larger in comparison to the one I had ordered.

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The quality of the dress was very bad and the color too dull to wear. The same was experienced in case of further purchases of clothes done through Amazon and almost everytime I had to return back each of them.

Amazon is a perfect place to buy books and all other materials except for clothing. I would give Amazon five-star rating for the following:

Timely and prompt delivery: All the products are delivered in time, without any delay. Rather they are delivered prior to the mentioned date of delivery. One gets prompt notification regarding the status of the order, making it easy to track shipments. I had experienced delay just once, the reason for which was notified through SMS.

Discounted prices: compared to other online portals, the prices quoted at Amazon are reasonable and they provide good discounts on each product.

My experience with Amazon Coupons has been amazing in terms of buying books both academic as well as fiction. At Amazon, I got good discounts on the books as well as combo offers with free shipment making it worthy.

Amazon is complete “NO” for purchasing apparels and sarees. In case you are contemplating to buy one do check the reviews and read the product description well. The quality of cloth in Amazon is not so good and its final product resembles nothing as shown in the image.

Sarkar Suggests Amazon Because of its Superior Product Quality

Amazon is a well-known e-commerce company based in Seattle and trusted by many people all around the world for online shopping. Amazon has separate websites for countries like U.S, U.K, France, Ireland, India, Japan, China and many others. It started with selling books online and then moved on to other products like clothes, electronics, stationery, cosmetics, household items and furniture. Recently they have started video streaming services too. According to Wikipedia Amazon is currently the world’s largest internet company by revenue. I Sarkar suggest you to shop from Amazon its trust worthy as well as superior quality and supportive service.

I am a regular buyer from Amazon India. I buy products from Amazon Offers almost every other month. I have bought mostly books, electronic items, stationery items, cosmetics and clothes from this site. I prefer Amazon over other sites like Flipkart or E bay mainly because of the frequent sales and discounts. The Amazon Pantry products ensure discounts on almost every item and also super quick deliveries. The products marked ‘Amazon Prime’ or ‘Amazon Fulfilled’ can be trusted as genuine. Also, there are offers and benefits of free deliveries on those products.

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My experiences with Amazon Pay Sale have been mostly pleasant. The products I received were genuine and not damaged. There were also no serious issues regarding deliveries. I have cancelled orders several times and received refunds properly.

The Amazon Coupons customer support team has been very responsive each time I tried to reach them. I have dropped emails and got replies within 24 hours. They have also tried to solve whatever issue I was facing and in most of the cases, my issues got resolved.

Recently many Amazon customers have complained of falling prey to fraudulent sellers and getting fake products after paying for original products. Complaints have been made regarding mix up of deliveries or not getting products delivered at all. I have been fortunate enough to not be a victim of any of that. However, a few times I have faced delays in deliveries, but after contacting the customer care those issues got solved very quickly.

I try to avoid products that are not marked ‘Amazon fulfilled’ as they cannot be trusted to be genuine. A friend of mine got duped by a seller from Amazon and received a fake mobile phone after making full payment for the original one. In his case, Amazon failed to provide effective support and he is still trying to get his refund. Such unpleasant experiences will obviously deter customers from trusting Amazon.

Amazon should be more vigilant regarding the sellers using its platform to sell their products. They should identify the frauds and ban them. Also, the Amazon customer care should be well equipped to deal efficiently with customers who are victims of such frauds and help them get their money back as soon as they can. Amazon is a trusted e-commerce site and it can continue to be so if such issues are handled.

Sugandhi Sood Recommends Amazon Offers to Get Heavy Discount

Since the past few years, Amazon has accomplished to emerge out as (one of) the preferable e-commerce application. And, well it rightfully deserves the appreciation as not only does it provides people with an option to buy any possible product they might require/ want, but also gives them n-number of options to choose from. And on the top of that, it delivery services are also great.

While almost all the products on Amazon are great and purchased by people, electronics and books are the top two categories preferred by the buyers. Firstly, talking about electronics, generally, we see that people are hesitant to buy any sort of electronics online, be it an INR 50,000 LED TV or an INR 8,000 Mobile. However, the consistent positive record of Amazon Sale and Offers for LED TV in this regard has now established a certain amount of trust that helps people to order their electronic items from Amazon. And, since they are able to trust the delivery of their purchased item, why wouldn’t they want to order something that is cheaper online than in shop?

Coming to the books, one thing that all the students and book lovers need to know is that there is always a heavy discount on the books on Amazon Offers. From contemporary books to reference books, you will find almost all the in-stock books on this site. Above this, to help the buyers, Amazon has this separate section where it tells that buyer’s regarding the top picks of the year, most purchased reference books, editor’s picks, etc. So, if any person buying a book has any doubt, this section would definitely come to their rescue.

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Moving on from the glimpse of its great and affordable buying options, let’s talk about its delivery of the items too. Amazon Coupons has always tried to upfront with the buyers about the time of delivery of the item(s). During the process of ordering an item, the buyers have an option to check the date of delivery beforehand. And, after the order is placed, it ensures that the ordered items are delivered properly to the concerned buyers. The packaging of each order is done carefully. Plus, it keeps the buyers in the loop regarding when their order is shipped, when it will be delivered, and the phone no. of Amazon agent who will deliver the package. So, in this way, the buyers have a total transparency about the delivery of their order.

Amongst all these appreciable services of Amazon Festive Offers, there is one particular feature of Amazon that was launched in India in 2016 that has contributed to the high success of this e-commerce site. This feature is the Amazon Prime. The Amazon prime subscription which is of INR 1000 per year, gives its users a free access to fastest-possible delivery (1-2 days) even if they are purchasing an item worth INR 50 with the only condition that that item is available on Prime. Further, with the Prime subscription, the users have access to Amazon videos. So, it’s a total win-win situation.

So, with all these great qualities and services, it’s obvious that Amazon is a pretty good option for the online shoppers.

Simran Mittal Loves Shopping on Amazon

I Simran Mittal ordered a lot of books online and even those that are shipped from other suppliers arrive quickly. I sometimes buy tools and gifts online and the merchandise is always as stated. Never misrepresented.

I love shopping on Amazon Offers. They have the best customer service. There are so many options to choose from and delivery is fast. I’ve order a few books, paper editions, they always arrived on time and in pristine condition I got exactly what I purchased within the promised time.

No one can be as good as them. They sell genuine items. If some 3rd party seller tries to cheat the take it on themselves and provide the best possible solution that is taking the item back and giving back the money. I’ve recently subscribed their Amazon Prime. Now I can do more shopping. Amazon Coupons has never disappointed me. It is also better to use amazon prime feature with some extra bucks because with this feature you will get to watch free movies and seasons and shows.

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Since 1995, Amazon success is not a fluke, nor is it merely the result of being in the right place at the right time.

On the homepage itself the amazon shopping experience begins where visually the user will be notified by the website’s two-fold purpose.

The user can quickly find and purchase products

The seller can quickly process online purchases and make a profit

Since Amazon is well known so much that there will be rare customer who will not know about this product search and online shopping facility.

Amazon uses cookies to keep a user logged in, and that user’s shopping habits are tracked and stored server-side.

The wide range of products and services are exposed to the user that tie them to their area of interest.

It says to the user (not in so many words), “Here’s why you should buy this item from us”.

Recommendations of an item is done usually based on prior purchases or tracked shopping habits. The shopper can tell Amazon not to recommend any more items based on that factor.

This option is not always easy to find but appears at the top of the user’s personal page.

Main store categories, pages of user, pages of shopping cart, purchase pages and alike should be easily accessible at all points in the shopping experience for customer. Amazon Great Indian Sale accomplishes this beautifully by giving the customer full control always.

All the decisions to purchase a product is under control of customer no pressure is there into purchasing an item.

Sindhu Sharma Shares Her Experience of Being an Amazon Customer

Amazon.com, Inc., generally known as Amazon is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company. It is the largest Internet retailer in the world and is serving lakhs and crores of customers from around the world. The company started as an online bookstore and diversified to sell videos, electronics, and all other products ranging from clothing to kitchen essentials. Here, I am Sindhu Sharma going to share my experience of being an Amazon Offers customer.

When it comes to making shopping easy, Amazon is the one stop shop. It has made shopping possible on the go. Be it any product one can easily find it in the Amazon store. If we talk about the range of products, the platform provide a diverse range from electronics, computer essentials, mobile phones, gadgets, kitchen essentials to clothing, footwear, fashion accessories and sports.

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Whatever you need is just a click away. In fact, there are also many deals that you can avail on only Amazon Coupons as exclusive deals.

In addition to the variety of products available on this online platform, it provides a great advantage of owning the products at a price lesser than that in the market. You can always get almost all products at a pocket friendly price. And if it the festive season, the website offer products and services at a great discounts and attractive deals.

Besides the offers and best deals, yet another advantage of shopping from this cart is that the quality of the products is always up to the mark. You will never have to settle down in terms of genuineness and quality of the products. They are all high quality, authenticated and original products.

Have you ever confronted a situation when you buy something from a store and check it after you reach home finding out that it doesn’t work properly or is damaged? After you get to know that it is not working properly or is damaged you rush back to the store and ask the store keeper to return or exchange it, he simply responds with a big no. Well, for such circumstances, Amazon Pay Sale is at your rescue. You can buy the product and if for any reason you don’t feel like keeping it, you can always return it or exchange it for some other product. The platform provides a specified period of time to you for returning/exchanging your product.

What else does an economic customer need? Right?

Another best service you are offered is you can choose to buy the product by paying online, cash on delivery and also great EMI options. So, you don’t have to worry about paying for what you buy or simply leave the product even if you so want it just because of the payment reasons.

Apart from all the reasons mentioned above, there is something else that I like the most about shopping from Amazon and that is “TIME”. Instead of going to a shopping store in the local market and spending a lot of time, I shop from Amazon and save a so much of my time that might have been wasted in search of the products in need by going from one shop to another or due to the excessive rush in the market.

Eventually, it saves me time, offers me a great deal on wide variety of reliable products, right on time delivery options, and a great service to return/exchange my products if needed.

Priyanka Anand Enjoys Shopping on Amazon

I Priyanka Anand have always had my best experience shopping with Amazon. It is truly the best e-commerce website that exists today. They make sure that their customers are served the best and that’s why they have been able to garner such a large customer base that some of its competitors can just dream of. Whenever I think of shopping online the first site that comes to my mind each time is Amazon. I have been a happy customer of Amazon for the past 3-4 years and nothing has ever gone wrong for me.

One thing that I like about Amazon is that you don’t have to keep worrying as to when your ordered goods will reach you as at Amazon, your goods are always delivered before the scheduled time. They pack your goods perfectly to make sure that it reaches their customers without any kind of damage. Talking about my experience I have had with Amazon Offers I had only positive ones and I trust it more than any other e-commerce website. They have such wide range of products that someone would actually be confused upon what to buy as they would be going through the best that’s out there and then selecting the better one out of the best can prove to be a daunting task.

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Their refund policy is also the best out there ; for example, once I had ordered a shirt from their site and it didn’t fit me well. So I placed a return request for the same and I remember the delivery boy coming back the same evening to collect the shirt and I got the money I had paid in my bank account by the next evening. I often compare products from different sites before buying something online and every time I do that I could get a better product on Amazon as compared to its competitors and its price too was the least among the others. They often come up with mind blowing deals and I make sure not to miss them. I remember getting my products delivered on the next day after booking even before I had an Amazon Prime Sale membership and now there are times when I purchase something in the morning and it gets delivered to me by the night.

Concluding with an overview of what I have experienced with Amazon, it has been the first and the best choice for me when it comes to online shopping for the past three years and I have never ever felt like I should try some other e-commerce website. I often suggest and recommend it to my friends and colleagues and they too are as satisfied as I am. Amazon Coupons is a great place to shop at affordable prices

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