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Gurpreet Singh Mentioned Critical Aspects of Amazon

The website offers a variety of products under various brands and sub-category which is important especially in a diverse market base like India in order to strengthen its market presence. The service delivery and collaboration with brick and mortar shop owners is a good move as customers get a good number of choices in regards to from whom they want to purchase. I Gurpreet Singh want to share all the aspects I have spotted during shopping on Amazon.

Apart from that the rating by Amazon like Amazon Prime Sale makes it easy for the buyers to predict the service delivery and quality of the product. Exclusive sale and offers like cash back and discount also make the deal exciting and adds to the saving of the customer.

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The Amazon app provides a good comprehensive interface for all your shopping needs. Facilities like track your order, shipment date, call back option from customer care in multiple languages etc make the task of placing an order a cake walk.  Adding to that is the Amazon pay option. The Amazon Coupons makes the task of placing an order on Amazon further easier and lucrative. Offers of cash back up to 30% on payment through Amazon pay make it a customer friendly experience.

The user interface is also good and provides an easily navigable website view. The detail description and video based product explanation apart from the review of verified buyers and critical review makes it easy for the new customers to make a value judgment before opting to place an order on the website.

Now, coming from all good to the critical aspects of Amazon, the first things that comes to my mind is delivery charges. Amazon Offers free shipping on products from Amazon prime, however; in case of non-prime sellers, the free shipping is done only when the order crosses a specific amount. Also, in case of orders containing two –three or more items the dispatch and delivery cycle goes on in a fragmented way rather than being a single cycle for all the ordered products.

Another critical aspect of Amazon’s service delivery is that replacement of product takes a longer time than usual and it becomes difficult for the user if the product is of daily use like cooking gas.

Coming to the third shortcoming I want to highlight the technical error (what so ever it is) during the time of flash sales for exclusive products. Even if you are a registered user on Amazon App/website during the flat sale you don’t get to place an order for such products and by the time you reach the confirmation page the sold out message appears on the website/app.

The pantry service of Amazon that deals with delivery of ration items is also not up to the mark as products from popular brands like Patanjali and small packing like half liter/KG is not available (in case of products like Ghee).

To summarize my shopping experience with Amazon I want to say that the e-commerce giant has the potential to rule the Indian market, however, certain gray areas need to be considered as those can cause a dampening of customer experience. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that Amazon is still far from becoming an undisputed leader in the e-commerce business.

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