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Himani Tyagi Says Amazing Variety in One Touch

Hi I am Himani Tyagi, I was never an online shopping person as doubts on quality, assurance, exchange or return policy always worried me. Being a typical Indian customer only the products that I could touch and sense gained my trust. But on my sister’s recommendation, who happens to be an online shopping geek, I was both forced and tempted to start online shopping from Amazon.

Again the trust issue!!! So I started my search by reading some reviews online which made me believe that yes Amazon Offers is highly recommended and considered to be the most trust worthy website throughout the world. The next thing I did was to download the Amazon App from Google store and to my knowledge millions of users were already friendly with it (by the way this happened in the year 2016).

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Two years down the line, I have purchased around 100 products from the website. The big purchases being three smartphones namely Oppo, Vivo and Motorola. All guaranteed and fulfilled by Amazon. Being a mother of one I also happen to buy lot of kids stuff such as diapers, games, toys, utility bag and shoes. Once I even purchased a MeeMee Pram-cum-stroller for gifting purpose. Thankfully, no complaints from the receiver till date.

Home and Kitchen appliances are something that I would recommend to every housewife or home maker. There is an amazing variety of lunch boxes and casseroles.  I have also received many gifts from friends and family via Amazon Coupons. Those gifts being hand bag, lamp shade, beauty products, novels and footwear. All in good shape, used and being used. Shopping for clothes is something I would not recommend as I still rely on real life shopping for this category.

The kind of variety you get to see in one touch is amazing. The specifications, product picture, delivery time and reviews are 100% apt specially when buying electronics, phones or other related goods. Users’ detailed reviews about products are very useful when purchasing expensive products. Although, reviews on cheaper products are missing but that’s where ratings help.

Talking about the Amazon App Only Deals, it is easy and fast to access. I get results for almost everything I search for shopping on the internet. Although discounts are not that great, but the convenience and guarantee to shop is something to look forward.

Recently, with talks going around on whether online shopping websites are trustworthy or not, I was caught in a tight spot. Being a working professional online shopping has turned out to be bliss. So, I was suggested to buy only Amazon fulfilled products. Though I don’t hold any complaints from past, I guarantee myself for every big purchase for future.

So, my next big purchase is going to be a laptop, any recommendations?

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