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Sarkar Suggests Amazon Because of its Superior Product Quality

Amazon is a well-known e-commerce company based in Seattle and trusted by many people all around the world for online shopping. Amazon has separate websites for countries like U.S, U.K, France, Ireland, India, Japan, China and many others. It started with selling books online and then moved on to other products like clothes, electronics, stationery, cosmetics, household items and furniture. Recently they have started video streaming services too. According to Wikipedia Amazon is currently the world’s largest internet company by revenue. I Sarkar suggest you to shop from Amazon its trust worthy as well as superior quality and supportive service.

I am a regular buyer from Amazon India. I buy products from Amazon Offers almost every other month. I have bought mostly books, electronic items, stationery items, cosmetics and clothes from this site. I prefer Amazon over other sites like Flipkart or E bay mainly because of the frequent sales and discounts. The Amazon Pantry products ensure discounts on almost every item and also super quick deliveries. The products marked ‘Amazon Prime’ or ‘Amazon Fulfilled’ can be trusted as genuine. Also, there are offers and benefits of free deliveries on those products.

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My experiences with Amazon Pay Sale have been mostly pleasant. The products I received were genuine and not damaged. There were also no serious issues regarding deliveries. I have cancelled orders several times and received refunds properly.

The Amazon Coupons customer support team has been very responsive each time I tried to reach them. I have dropped emails and got replies within 24 hours. They have also tried to solve whatever issue I was facing and in most of the cases, my issues got resolved.

Recently many Amazon customers have complained of falling prey to fraudulent sellers and getting fake products after paying for original products. Complaints have been made regarding mix up of deliveries or not getting products delivered at all. I have been fortunate enough to not be a victim of any of that. However, a few times I have faced delays in deliveries, but after contacting the customer care those issues got solved very quickly.

I try to avoid products that are not marked ‘Amazon fulfilled’ as they cannot be trusted to be genuine. A friend of mine got duped by a seller from Amazon and received a fake mobile phone after making full payment for the original one. In his case, Amazon failed to provide effective support and he is still trying to get his refund. Such unpleasant experiences will obviously deter customers from trusting Amazon.

Amazon should be more vigilant regarding the sellers using its platform to sell their products. They should identify the frauds and ban them. Also, the Amazon customer care should be well equipped to deal efficiently with customers who are victims of such frauds and help them get their money back as soon as they can. Amazon is a trusted e-commerce site and it can continue to be so if such issues are handled.

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