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Simran Mittal Loves Shopping on Amazon

I Simran Mittal ordered a lot of books online and even those that are shipped from other suppliers arrive quickly. I sometimes buy tools and gifts online and the merchandise is always as stated. Never misrepresented.

I love shopping on Amazon Offers. They have the best customer service. There are so many options to choose from and delivery is fast. I’ve order a few books, paper editions, they always arrived on time and in pristine condition I got exactly what I purchased within the promised time.

No one can be as good as them. They sell genuine items. If some 3rd party seller tries to cheat the take it on themselves and provide the best possible solution that is taking the item back and giving back the money. I’ve recently subscribed their Amazon Prime. Now I can do more shopping. Amazon Coupons has never disappointed me. It is also better to use amazon prime feature with some extra bucks because with this feature you will get to watch free movies and seasons and shows.

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Since 1995, Amazon success is not a fluke, nor is it merely the result of being in the right place at the right time.

On the homepage itself the amazon shopping experience begins where visually the user will be notified by the website’s two-fold purpose.

The user can quickly find and purchase products

The seller can quickly process online purchases and make a profit

Since Amazon is well known so much that there will be rare customer who will not know about this product search and online shopping facility.

Amazon uses cookies to keep a user logged in, and that user’s shopping habits are tracked and stored server-side.

The wide range of products and services are exposed to the user that tie them to their area of interest.

It says to the user (not in so many words), “Here’s why you should buy this item from us”.

Recommendations of an item is done usually based on prior purchases or tracked shopping habits. The shopper can tell Amazon not to recommend any more items based on that factor.

This option is not always easy to find but appears at the top of the user’s personal page.

Main store categories, pages of user, pages of shopping cart, purchase pages and alike should be easily accessible at all points in the shopping experience for customer. Amazon Great Indian Sale accomplishes this beautifully by giving the customer full control always.

All the decisions to purchase a product is under control of customer no pressure is there into purchasing an item.

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